Muma Doesa

Muma Doesa is an emcee/vocalist performing live in Melbourne since 2004, both solo and with Blunt Paper Massive, and is currently recording her upcoming solo album, "Ms. Fortune".

Muma Doesa is an emcee/vocalist performing live in Australia since 2004,
and is based in Melbourne, Australia.
MD has a passion for getting any party hype, whilst using music as a means of empowering herself, and others. 

2013 has been a hectic year, she has just released her Debut Solo Album,"Ms. Fortune" , recorded partly in Oz with Dj Rellik @ Turnstyle Records, and New York with Siege the beat Bully and Dunna@ 100 Pursent Records.
Muma Doesa also performed at Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Pyramid Club in New York in 2012 and 2013.

In 2012, her track "Rewiring" appeared on U.S. based compilation 
"The Illest Female Rappers Vol. 18" alongside Da Brat and Estelle

In 2012, Muma was  a front woman with 6 piece Hip Hop/Soul band, Blunt Paper Massive who have perfomed at Moomba, Brunswick Music Festival, and St Kilda Festival in Australia.

MD released a new video clip for her soul track,
"Untamed Hearts" ft. Jess Harlen, Pataphysics and Dj Rellik.
This track is from from her upcoming album, "Ms. Fortune".
Her style is a blend of hip hop, soul, and patios.



MD is also co-hosting "Hip Sista Hop" Female and Indigenous Hip Hop Radio Show on 855am, 1pm Every Monday on 3CR Radio.

Triple J Hip Hop Show presented  by Hau Latukefu. A download of this show will be made available for you though TurnstyleRecords.net

Muma Doesa is also performing with all female hip hop crew Kuan Yin Society with highly respected Hip Hop artists, Dj Mz Rizk, Lotus(MC), Bgirl Kia, and Notorious Graffiti/Street Artist Rachee Rene.



Featuring on international compilation "The Illest Female Rappers Vol. 18"

Interviewing Jean Grae for Heavyweight TV,

Performing at Moomba Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, The Big Day Out, Pushover, Our Backyard and The Emerging Writers Festival.



Collaborations include, Panik (Molemen, Chicago), Apostles (Bronx), Vytal One, Zulu Flow, 1/6, Ruth Rogers-Wright, Dj Wasabi, Dj Rellik and

Mr Fish, and Snow Bros



Muma Doesa has also been performing live in Melbourne since 2004, starting out with all female hip hop crew Ladies Luv Hip Hop for 3 years, with artists including Mc Que, Joske, Liones, Poise, Sammie D and Jowahsee.

In 2009, was her first independent solo release "Muma Doesa's Mixtape Marinade".and still performs her solo material, Her performances include rapping, singing, freestyling, and dancing.


"I really appreciate Muma's ability to stay true to her time and place. The focus on brother and sisterhood and honest human experience is refreshing in the context of so much overproduced spam. It takes guts and conviction to put herself out there like that. Power to her." 

 -  Danielsan, Koolism

"Muma Doesa's Mixtape Marinade" (mixed by Mr Fish) as heard on RRR Radio, PBS radio, and ABC radio, has recieved kudos internationally:

"I've just listened to your music, and must say that your music is exceptionally hot. Continue to write music that is both inspirational and meaningful, and with that, I am certain that u will prevail." 

 -  Mumtaz aka Ekowone (son of Stevie Wonder)

"Muma Doesa is the hottest female rapper in Australia -- and I mean that in every way . No chicks is flowing like this since Lauryn Hill !"       

 -  Mega The Apostles (Bronx , NY)


Check the album link in Relliks Discography page on Band camp.


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    Muma Doesa is an emcee/vocalist performing live in Melbourne since 2004, both solo and with Blunt Paper Massive, and is
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