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The Above Beats are just examples of some of the beats We can create, of course these examples may not suit your project but it gives you an overview of some of the ideas we have had for beat Production, Our recomendation if you dont have your own backing tracks is give us a call and Talk about what your after, as soon as We have a Clear idea of your sound we can get in the studio and produce the beats together. This one on one beat production makes the whole process more organic and lets your ideas shape your sound faster, without all the back and forth involved in other methods of beat production. If you have a Backing Track that is near completion but needs that little bit more work, we can easily assist in adding to those existing backing tracks, enhancing sounds and adding more instruments etc to get the sound that your after.

To purchase beats please contact Tim Trappett.
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office: (03) 9887 9606
Mobile: 0402 318 418

An email of full price list is available.
Alternatively you can also visit Sound Cloud.