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Turnstyle Records is Based in Glen Waverley, Australia. We record musicians of all styles and calibres specializing in Hip Hop production. An experienced music producer and musician of 25 years, DMC Scratch Champion Victoria 2014 / Vice Champion Victoria DMC 2015 and Beat Producer for Turnstyle records. His Djing and beat production has featured on over 110 Albums to date .Tim Trappett’s work as a DJ (A.K.A: RELLIK) has seen him perform alongside hundreds of local and international acts.  Some of these artists include:

The Get down Gang, Funkoars, The Outlaws (USA), HILL TOP HOODS, TZU, True Live, The Cat Empire, Solomon Childs (Killer Bees), Obie Trice (support show), UtraMagnetic MCs (usa), Btwo (dmc champ aus X3), Lo Lives (USA) Dennis Rodman ( Chicago Bulls), Chali 2NA (jurassic 5 ), Marc N, Daz and Korrupt (usa), The Alkoholiks (USA), Marc7 (Jurassic 5), Dj Rectangle (Usa), Ghostface Killah (WuTang ), Zu Ninjaz ( wu tang affiliates), Lady K Fever (Graffitta wall of Fame), NECRO (USA), Brother ALI (USA) , Shorty Shitstain (usa), Maunndz, Full Spektrum, Rydah, Sensi Warriors, Fatty Phew, Discourse, Manaz Ill, Dj Masta, Dj Paypercutz, Dj Lone Wolf ( DMC champ),KoolDjLee, Detach (usa),  MPhases, Cam Bluff, Bigfoot, Tornts, WIK, Freaky G (SYD), Grey Ghost, Barbone, Brad Strut, Bias B, Reason, Muma Doesa, Elequor, 360, Pez, Syntax, Mind over Matter, Julez, ILLY, Scryptcha, Kings Konekted, P.Smurf, Bastian Killjoy, Quasani Bahd, Kodiak Kid, Briggs, ILLZILLA, Trem, Mantra, DJ Select, Vents, Los Theory, Low Budget, Dj Wasabi, Dj Bags, Tranquil Artillery, DiktionOne, Briggs, Window down, Plarks, zetes, Koots, Heata, doc Felix, Dj Flagrant, Dj Dedlee, Damman, Kryptic, Back Yard Funk, Abbaration, Streamlyne (SA), Anon Speak, Mz Rizk, The Egoz, Blazing Marty, Mata and Must, Esvee, Tenfold, Morgan Macmanus & Omega Child, Gzutek, Sin and Defy, 1/6, Urban Monk, Seth Sentry, Class A, Dj Bouges, Polo Club, Buttered Loaf, King Grub, Typhoons, Blunted Monk , RawLab,  Il Savant, Primary Source, D-Vice, Anon Ms Yellow, Obsessed, Half Cast, Plarks, Harvest, Grinny and Big T, jerry hattric, A.D.D Nemisis, Heads up crew, J waters , Mystorri, Idiom, Ol Scoobs, Dj Maniak, Pablo Discobar, Reverse Polarities, Ill Figures, Vince Van Go, Citywide krew, B-Rock, 76, Mat wonder, Staffi, Strike one, psyde projekts, Dj Fokus, Affiliates, Ill Eagle Djz, Intalink, Enclave, Fatty phew, Smashbrothers, Defron, liminalism, Lektrk, Dj Chronik, SecondHand, Pyrex, DBO, JRed, Celphysh, Speech Therapy, Angus Yunga, Meta4, Vince Vegas, Zoophyte, Simetrik, Vytal one, Engineer, No name Nath, Benny Aims, Gutter Mouth(USA), Leady(UK), Motley(UK), Dj Zeke(DMC), Jolly Jay(GERMANY), ILL Tune(USA), Swagger Vance(USA), Syn FM, Triple R, Fox FM, PBS FM, Triple J, T.A.C and Metlink.

Turnstyle Records provide a variety of services including:

  • DJ Lessons,
  • Production of Hip Hop and electronic beats,
  • The design of cd cover artwork,
  • Design of event flyers,
  • Movie soundtrack scores,
  • Video production,
  • Web based promotional solutions,
  • DJ services for all types of events,
  • Scratch DJ for live performances and
  • Professional recording services.

We charge by the hour, for full details of whats involved feel free to call us and we will discus your project. We provide beginner musicians and professionals a studio space to complete their projects to their desired expectations in a friendly non confronting environment. We guarantee a passionate involvement in your project from beginning to end. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction with the final product.

With access to web designers, independent film producers, session musicians and photographers we can assist you in developing your profile further. Everything you need help with getting started independently; film clips, band photos, web promotional material, high quality graphics (cd cover art and event promotions), remixes, promotion mix tapes and high end recordings.


Specializing in Hip Hop Production Dj Rellik Has featured on over 110 Albums to date, from Recording productions, scratch productions, Mixtapes, Full Length Albums, Demos and EPs. Downloads can be found through the discography Page on this site. Some of the Titles Include:


Muma Doesa- Ms Fortune   -  Gzutek- Get the Flame  - Dj Maniak- Off the Rails mixtape  - DiktionOne- Cardboard Crown  - DiktionOne- Drops of ink mixtape

Down Pat- Hard Evidence   -   P Link- In my element  -  J Mac- Wake up Call  -  The Aphiliates- Too Many Chiefs  -  Dj Rellik- Hip Hop Head Huntaz mixtape vol 1-5

SecondHand Djs- Mixtape 2011  -  Los Theory- 15MB of Fame Ep  -  Los Theory- Something for the little people  -  Los Theory- Masters of the Tune and Verse mixtape

Idiom- Mixtape Vol 1 and 2  -  Primary Source- mixtape/remixes  - Primary Source- The Referential Renegades mixtape  -  Burn Victims Tour- Compilation cd

Zetes- Different sides of the Map  -  Tenfold- Deluxe Edition  -  End of the Line- Compilation  - Cobi Marsh- Call Me Claudette mixtape  -  Tranquil Artillery- Live @ the Evelyn

Obesecity 2- Compilation  -  Furious- In the Shakedown  -  Big T- Hole in the head mixtape  -  Snow Town- Repeat Offender  -  Skuff and Glyphik- Set in Stone

Speech Therapy- The Treatment  -  The Get Down Gang  -  Dj Rellik- StealthmodeEnclave- Advanced  -  Vytal One- Solitary man  -  Zoophyte- This simple Groove

Sky Crompton- Citizen Jia Li soundtrack  -  Celphysh- Lip Service  -  Portica- In Action  -  Requriem- Demo cd  -  Fubex- Next Chapter  -  Ill Eagle Djz- Mission Ignition

Intalink & Rellik- 5 mins left Ep  -  Haemorrhage- 4 trk Demo  -  MoonBase Alpha- Demo cd  -  Ill Eagle Djz- Where were you series vol 1-4  -  2M2Cs- demo tape

2BM- Back Track  -  Melissa Pantou- Revenge  -  Harvest- Glum Days for Sun Rays  -  Chunky Moose- Self Titled  -  Valley Arm Compilation- Absolute Hip Hop  - GreyMan- Self Titled


Turnstyle Records Melbourne

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